3rd March 2023

Kassandra and the sustainable future of cities

Great talk last night about Climate Change, citied and the power of data. Good to be amongst friends!

Thanks to Fondazione Arch RG for the invitation!

1st March 2023

Kassandra in the press!

Quotidiano di Ragusa : Da Modica l’allarme: deleghe istituzionali al cambiamento climatico una priorità ma….

Continua a leggere: https://www.quotidianodiragusa.it/2023/03/01/attualita/da-modica-lallarme-deleghe-istituzionali-al-cambiamento-climatico-una-priorita-ma/?fbclid=IwAR3swC9CfjhiegtZk43axhjMixDLKcPhkFJok6rlB_tuT8sy79SaPOg8wu0

15th February 2023

Kassandra on Radio Fantastica RMB and SestaRete TV

Kassandra’s proposal for a single point of responsibility in local authorities and national governments to tackle Climate Change is generating a lot of interest.

Watch the interview with arch. Mark Cannata: https://www.facebook.com/radiofantasticaRMB/videos/3464841483748678/

14th February 2023

Kassandra’s in the press!

Climate Change is a real and present danger. As such local, regional and national authorities must urgently be equipped with specific executive powers specifically to tackle Climate Change.

It is, literally, a matter of life and death.

Thank you Lasicilia.it for taking on board our proposal.

15th December 2022

Mark Cannata of Kassandra interviewed on the problem of excessive land consumption in Italy and Sicily

Land consumption is phenomenon associated with the loss of a fundamental environmental resource, due to the occupation of originally agricultural, natural or semi-natural surfaces.

This phenomenon therefore refers to an increase in the artificial cover of land, mainly due to the construction of new buildings and infrastructure and the expansion of cities.

25th November 2022

Kassandra at the 49th ASECAP-EU ASSOCIATION

We are proud to be present, in partnership with Ecogest- at the 49th ASECAP – EU ASSOCIATION days in Bruxelles, sharing our vision for the decarbonization of road infrastructure.