9th February 2024

Kassandra for the Cittadella dello Sport.

In the heart of the urban landscape of Modica Sorda there is a site of enormous potential waiting to be unlocked. A space full of opportunities to redefine community, sport and sustainability.

Today we reveal the vision of an innovative project carried out using Kassandra, for the Cittadella dello Sport, a new campus destined to transform the fabric of the city of Modica and raise the quality of life of its inhabitants by laying the foundations for a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable urban environment.

14th February 2023

Kassandra’s in the press!

Climate Change is a real and present danger. As such local, regional and national authorities must urgently be equipped with specific executive powers specifically to tackle Climate Change.

It is, literally, a matter of life and death.

Thank you Lasicilia.it for taking on board our proposal.

28th July 2022


Ecogest, our partners in the infrastructure market, have challenged government and public authorities in national newspapers to do more in the fight against the effect of climate change.

We fully support the Ecogest initiative for a new “pact with Nature” and join their call to action!

6th May 2022

Vuoti a p̶e̶r̶d̶e̶r̶e̶ rendere

On Saturday 7th May, Kassandra will be present at the ‘Vuoti a rendere!’ talk in Modica. We will be talking about how sustainable regeneration of historic towns needs to be based on the fullest analysis of available data and an inclusive vision for the future.