9th February 2024

Kassandra for the Cittadella dello Sport.

In the heart of the urban landscape of Modica Sorda there is a site of enormous potential waiting to be unlocked. A space full of opportunities to redefine community, sport and sustainability.

Today we reveal the vision of an innovative project carried out using Kassandra, for the Cittadella dello Sport, a new campus destined to transform the fabric of the city of Modica and raise the quality of life of its inhabitants by laying the foundations for a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable urban environment.

17th October 2023

Proud to have been part of this!

Together with at the Ordine degli Architetti in Palermo we are talking about what identity, time and heritage means for us in a city and how it defines our culture.

14th October 2023

Presentation of the book to which we have contributed with a paper on cities and memory.

What does identity, time and heritage mean for us in a city? How does it define our culture? How should contemporaries architecture interact with historic urban fabric?

We will be talking about this and more with esteemed colleagues on Tuesday 17th October at the Ordine degli Architetti in Palermo.

19th September 2023

Kassandra in Istanbul at the 50th ASECAP-EU ASSOCIATION Study and Information Days

Today is an important day for us, we are in Istanbul for the 50th ASECAP – EU ASSOCIATION Study and Information Days where we will present the results of the pilot study “Resilience of motorway infrastructures in relation to the phenomenon of climate change” carried out for the Concessioni Autostradali Venete S.p.A. in partnership with Climate Change Study Centre (CCSC) and Ecogest.

8th July 2023

The future of our cities and Climate Change

On 7th July we presented Kassandra and had a very interesting debate about the future of our cities and Climate Change.

Thank you to all at the Ordine Architetti Lecce and especially Danilo Pastore and Aurora Riga for the fantastic welcome!

5th July 2023

Kassandra in Lecce as part of the celebrations for 100 years of the national chapter of Architects in Italy

On 7th July we will be talking about Kassandra in Lecce as part of the celebrations for 100 years of the national chapter of Architects in Italy!

We will talk about Future Heritage – Cities of the future and climate change.

Registrations are now open! Follow the link to register online: https://www.architettilecce.it/cont.php?cat=areariservata

29th April 2023

Kassandra calls to action!

Our call to action for accountability in local authorities in regards to Climate Change in the press today!

Read more here: https://www.ildomanibleo.com/2023/04/29/sicilia-i-fondatori-di-kassandra-lanciano-proposta-ai-candidati-a-sindaco-istituire-un-assessorato-al-cambiamento-climatico/?fbclid=IwAR1dixzjcsvDBToBFO1ngavYof64FnCS8a-aV4TiHYbRnx7ge62LUAqAb90

24th March 2023

Kassandra at “Il futuro è presente. Immaginiamo una città sostenibile”

Future is Present! How collective decisions taken today can make or break the future of the next generations? Watch here: https://www.vrsicilia.it/il-futuro-e-presente-immaginiamo-una-citta-sostenibile/

21st March 2023

Kassandra about the need for immediate action against Climate Change

Dealing with plausible futures, even extreme ones, will require data-driven decisions and collective buy-in.

21st March 2023

Kassandra’s ‘prophecies’ for the city of Modica

Another chance of highlighting the need for immediate action against Climate Change.

Read more: https://www.ragusaoggi.it/dai-giovani-un-atto-di-amore-per-la-citta-di-modica-ascoltarla-conoscerla-e-viverla/