1st July 2024

Not just prediction but action!

Modica e Kassandra continuano il loro impegno per l’ambiente: raccolti oltre 1500kg di rifiuti e scoperto un nuovo nido di tartarughe.

Read more: https://www.radiortm.it/2024/07/03/modica-continua-il-suo-impegno-per-lambiente-raccolti-oltre-1500kg-di-rifiuti-e-scoperto-un-nuovo-nido-di-tartarughe/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR1Jhx6t6uA22i2udjW99xMlxtgokoizUPjwhmLKVQqG52Mzx6pmoqfKdoo_aem_udtnfS4LhtITIAyvhQk4uA

Foto: RTM

29th June 2024

Do your bit. Everything counts!

Domenica 30 giugno, dalle ore 16:30, insieme agli amici dell’associazione Plastic Free e in collaborazione con il Comune di Modica, Kassandra sarà partecipe dell’ evento di pulizia della spiaggia di Maganuco.

8th June 2024

World Ocean Day

You are what you eat.

An estimated 8 million to 10 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean each year.

Plastic in the ocean breaks down into microplastics which can cause serious environmental concerns because they can be eaten by marine life and can cause harm to humans.

The decisions we make in dealing with waste affect us all.

10th May 2024

The bottleneck problem in historic cities.

“Building more roads to prevent congestion is like a fat man loosening his belt to prevent obesity” Lewis Mumford, 1955

Historic cities were not built for cars. Visualising future sustainable scenarios via Kassandra can help decision makers obtain buy-in from stakeholders and citizens for this often delicate issue, improving resilience and quality of life.

5th May 2024

Wetlands play a crucial role in supporting biodiversity.

Healthy wetlands play an essential role as a habitat for biodiversity that can help to adapt to climate change.

Mediterranean wetlands are critical habitats for migratory birds. However, they are threatened by human pressure, reducing their capacity to preserve biodiversity.

Kassandra can help in assessing the resilience of these areas and developing adaptation pathways for better decision making.

18th April 2024

Exciting News! Kassandra will be participating in the World Monuments Fund workshop.

We are focusing on the critical issue of coastal heritage preservation in the face of climate change. Coastal areas are on the front lines of climate impacts, and heritage sites are no exception.

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on how Kassandra and other experts are collaborating to equip decision-makers with the tools and knowledge needed to address these complex challenges. Let’s come together to explore effective communication strategies for advocating urgent action.

16th April 2024

We are proud to be part of this interesting project with 9 European cities!


Here we are, the Second Meeting of URWAN Project has officially started!

9th February 2024

Kassandra for the Cittadella dello Sport.

In the heart of the urban landscape of Modica Sorda there is a site of enormous potential waiting to be unlocked. A space full of opportunities to redefine community, sport and sustainability.

Today we reveal the vision of an innovative project carried out using Kassandra, for the Cittadella dello Sport, a new campus destined to transform the fabric of the city of Modica and raise the quality of life of its inhabitants by laying the foundations for a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable urban environment.

12th December 2023

We won’t be dreaming of a white Christmas this year…

Climate Change is causing average and peak temperatures to rise across the globe.

In Sicily, where we are based, temperatures are already exceeding even the more conservative estimates with projected increases of 3 degrees and exceptional peak temperatures in summer – Sicily holds the European temperature record of 48.8 degrees – and peak winter temperatures are also rising with 27 degrees recorded on 14th December 2022.

Celebrating a Tropical Christmas, therefore, is not simply a provocation, but a very likely reality of our near future. Christmas this year will be therefore a time for reflection on our impact on nature.

23rd November 2023

We are very proud that we were able to contribute with Kassandra to one of the most interesting case studies!

This far-reaching and insightful report by the National Trust shows the way in dealing with Climate Change at all levels, from policy to data, from experimentation to implementation, from learning from history to predicting the future.

You can find the report here: