A twin for everything

It is intrinsic in the history of man (and of the earth) that great crises lead to radical changes or to push in certain directions to “find” alternatives that solve certain problems. Even at this historical juncture, the pushes for radical changes are manifold and herald of great transformations.
One of these is the spread of “Digital Twins”. The Digital twin consists of a series of virtual information that describes a physical, potential, or actual product. There are many potential applications for digital twins: the predictive maintenance and fault detection in manufacturing to the observation of anomalies in the care of patients in the health sector are just two examples.
Digital twins in urban planning are also helping the development of smart cities. In the case of a city, a digital twin is a 3D model that accurately represents streets, buildings, public spaces, and everything related to the physical city. Sensors and data streams around the city power the model. Many digital elements are updated in real time such as electricity or water consumption, maintenance work or the location of emergency services to better respond to emergencies.
When combining the digital twin with the predictive power of big data analytics and artificial intelligence, cities are essentially able to rapidly advance over time to improve urban planning for all types of events, enabling cities to improve their physical and social urban environment.
In a nutshell, with Digital Twin cities could carry out tests, create scenarios and plan important urban changes, to verify the effects before execution. And if these interventions were aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens and the fight against climate change, it is evident that a real revolution in the urban environment could be achieved.
Kassandra’s mission is just this, to create a Digital Twin of a historic city on which to create and test multiple scenarios and then allowing local authorities to focus investments with a single major goal: improve the quality of life of its citizens.

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