An ancient saying… revisited

“Every morning, a mayor wakes up, he knows he must announce the planting of a greater number of trees, even just one, than those announced the day before by another mayor. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mayor, a governor or a minister – when the sun comes up, you’d better be planting trees…”
For months, prior to the Covid lockdown, we read news of mayors, public authorities or administrators in general, who, in order to show how “green” they had become, announced the reforestation plans of buildings, entire cities, provinces or even regions.
Leaving aside the truthfulness of these announcements, or at least their actual implementation, we want to focus on what scientific or planning basis these decisions were made, what the approach was and above all what the set objective was.
Without these three elements, any intervention would appear to be based solely on communication and ‘green-washing’, otherwise there is a risk of causing more damage or at least throwing good money after bad decisions.
Those who are charged with making decisions should do so based on accurate data and information, having in mind the actual environmental benefits and costs are of each intervention.
Kassandra provides the integrated decision support system to ensure.

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