Big Data

All current emerging technologies are based on the production of a huge quantity of data, and the analysis of this information, in a continuous loop and at great speed can provide infinite scenarios and optimize solutions.
A large quantity of data already exists, but it is often disconnected and no ‘big picture’ is visible, whilst new data needs to be acquired. Both need to be analysed and scenarios created. Only via this analysis interpretation can data provide direct support to those in charge of making political and administrative choices whose effects can be seen in a very short time.
At the same time, “end users”, that is individual citizens, must have the opportunity to interact and be involved in the changes that take place, in a bottom-up exchange of data increasing, perhaps exponentially, the positive swarm effect. Crucially, being able to see the effect of one’s actions on the community and, by extension, on the natural environment, will allow us to make adjustments, avoid cynicism and at the same time gratify us as to the importance of our individual choices.

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